Aidan Martin’s debut book, a memoir – Euphoric Recall – discusses in detail his recovery from addiction and many traumas including sexual abuse.

Aidan is a fiancé to his beautiful partner and a proud father of three gorgeous children. He previously worked in mental health and addictions, gained an honours degree in social sciences: with criminology and sociology in 2017, and obtained an MSc in Social Work in 2021.

As a grateful recovering addict, Aidan is heavily involved in the recovery scene. He works freelance as a trauma trainer and public speaker and is a campaigner and activist pertaining the drugs-related-death crisis in Scotland.

His second book is currently in submission—an autofiction around lad culture within the trance scene of the early noughties— and is called ‘Forever Young.’ He received an award from Authors’ Foundation and K Blundell Trust towards the completion of this book.

In May 2022 Aidan received an award from Creative Scotland to work on a third book, titled ‘Trollies in the Almond’ which he is now currently writing. This is also an autofiction.

Aidan is represented by Jenny Todd (former Publisher and Director of Canongate Books and Marketing Director of Penguin Press), founder of The Literary Office.

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