twenty years in the making

I won't ever be alone in those moments again...because those darkest of moments will be read by others. I cannae go back...

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The remedy says to rest and be thankful

"Without Aidan, DARKMEANS wouldn't exist." The remedy says to rest and be thankful. This is Euphoric Recall.

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do not give up

DO NOT GIVE UP. Recovery exists. Even if you are not an addict and it’s mental health battles you have, DO NOT GIVE UP.

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finding Guts Publishing

Shortly after this I discovered Guts Publishing. Their tagline had me hooked instantly: ‘Ballsy books about life’. They were an independent publisher based in London who were seeking bold life stories. NOW I felt something in my gut.

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introducing Mark Deans

There is no arrogance about the man. To look at him you see a trendy little fucker with tattoo’s everywhere. But to know him is to know a kind-hearted guy, with humility in par with the plethora of ink on his body.

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I learned at that early stage it was called a ‘manuscript’. Writing it was brutal. Raw. Diving to depths of pain that had been strenuously avoided for so many years. I cried writing parts of it. I fucking wailed to be honest. Yet it was cathartic.

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I began writing

“Write a book. Write a book. Write a book”. So I went home and sat at my PC desk. I started to type. It was my story coming out. As terrifying as it was, I knew there was only one place the story could start. Chapter One. Groomed.

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